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Explore the journey and services of Dr. Janeth Vitality in depth! 

Guiding Your Path to Vitality

Dr. Janet Romero is a dedicated professional providing holistic and personalized healthcare. With a strong background in general medicine and homeopathy, Dr. Romero stands out for her comprehensive approach to health and well-being.

Dr. Janeth Romero Journey

From Venezuela to Holistic Medicine in London

Dr. Janet Romero, a graduate in medicine from Venezuela with a postgraduate degree in Homeopathy in London, has devoted her career to merging traditional medical science with alternative approaches.


Her expertise spans from conventional diagnosis to prescribing personalized homeopathic treatments.


Her commitment to well-being goes beyond, incorporating knowledge in kinesiology and nutrition to offer comprehensive care.

Well-being in Croydon and Chelsea

Discover the Convenience of Our Clinics

Dr. Janeth Romero attends to two locations to provide in-person consultation services:​

Croydon Wellness Center: 

Dr. Janeth offers holistic consultations in a welcoming environment in Croydon.

Chelsea Holistic Health Clinic: 

Discover medical and homeopathic services in the heart of Chelsea.

Virtual Consultations with Dr. Janeth Romero

Quick Access to Well-being

For added convenience, Dr. Janeth offers virtual consultations. Book your session now for personalized care from anywhere!

Holistic Power

Uncover Dr. Janeth Medical Specialties

Interested in exploring more wellness services? 

Visit our Other Services section to discover how we can help you achieve your health and vitality goals.


After obtaining the title as a general practitioner in my home country Venezuela, I moved indefinitely to England where, in addition to homologating my university studies, I completed a postgraduate degree in Homeopathy in 2010. Being based in Europe has given me the opportunity to stay updated in my field of study and expand my knowledge with courses in kinesiology (muscle testing), massages, and currently in nutrition.

After said diagnosis, I recommend homeopathic medicines, supplements, and an appropriate diet depending on the patient's condition. Nutrition is a vital part of my patients' healing process; if necessary, food intolerance tests are conducted.

In my consultations, I incorporate all my knowledge, both medical and complementary, as our body benefits best when we combine nature and science.

The patients who come to my consultations are listened to and evaluated from a holistic perspective, but incorporating concepts from traditional medicine.

Patients are of vital importance to me; symptoms, no matter how small, are our body's way of expressing itself and telling us how it's functioning.


That's why my consultations begin with a physical examination where I assess blood pressure, sugar levels, urine, and cholesterol, among others.


Following this examination, I compile a complete medical history of the patient, listen to their symptoms, and if necessary, recommend further tests to reach a proper and timely diagnosis.

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